Apple security updates on 20th May 2024, But it has not published CVE entries. Observe how Apple handled in the past, maybe you can find it in a CVE few months from now. (27-05-2024)

Preface: Apple released iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 on May 20, 2024, which fixed multiple security vulnerabilities.  I heard that some users found that photos they had deleted years ago suddenly appeared in recent albums as new photos.

Background: The attached pictures document some rare occurrences. For example, which IOS version still support 32 bit applications last year. Perhaps there is a difference regarding to offical announcement. And suspected that may be is the reason to unsupport 32 bits apps.

Official announcement: Why does deleting pictures return?

According to Apple, the photos that did not fully delete from a user’s device were not synced to iCloud Photos. Those files were only on the device itself. However, the files could have persisted from one device to another when restoring from a backup, performing a device-to-device transfer, or when restoring from an iCloud Backup but not using iCloud Photos.

As for vulnerabilities details in security updates, I will pay close attention to see if they can be found.

There are no published CVE entries for this update.  Please refer to the link for details –

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