Ethereum carrier Solidity shield – Call abuse vulnerability (CVE-2018-14087)

An Integer Overflow is the condition that occurs when the result of an arithmetic operation, such as multiplication or addition, exceeds the maximum size of the integer type used to store it. Ethereum hits such vulnerability in frequent. The solidity programming language rescue Ethererum in the cryptocurrency world. But no prefect things in the world. A vulnerability found on Ethereum EUC token recently. The EUC token build by solidity programming language. The guru given his nick name “call abused” vulnerability. For details, please see below hyperlink for references.

Ethereum EUC Token (call abused) – CVE-2018-14087

Additional information – Ethereum integer overflow vulnerabilities

Ethereum aditus token (CV-2018-12959):

Ethereum mkcb_token:

Ethereum singaporecoinorigin token:

Ethereum stex white list token:

Ethereum tracto token:

Ethereum virgo zodiactoken token:

Not belongs to integer overflow vulnerability:

Ethereum userwallet 0x0a7bca9fb7af-f26c6ed8029b-b6f0f5d291587c42 token: