Does it whether a myth or it is true? Quantum entanglement in Pyramid internal compartment.

Preface: The pyramid of Egypt. It is a mystery to mankind on the Earth. What is it use for? According to scientists evaluation by far. It is hard to believed that the ancient mankind have such knowledge and capabilities to build this facility.

This article was used current known materials. Furthermore, it includes my imagination and logic. So, you can treat as fiction or unknown scientific matters. Finally, I would like to pay tribute to my father of enlightenment (Zecharia Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken).

I hereby to give my respects to Osiris, Isis and Horus.

Background: Einstein opposed the Danish physicist Bohr’s theory of quantum mechanics. In March 1935, he and two of his colleagues proposed to questioning the Bohr’s theory of quantum mechanics. He wants Bohr to prove that the universe has a “ghostly ultra-distance effect” that exceeds the speed of light. Meanwhile they are formulated the famous EPR paradox.

Bohr’s theory awaken in 1982. A French Aspect team conducted experiments with calcium atoms and finally proved that there was indeed a “ghostly super-distance effect” exceeding the speed of light. This phenomenon is called “quantum entanglement.”

Does it whether a myth or it is true? Are there advanced civilizations beings in the cosmos?

People who is interested of Pyramid of Egypt will query that what is the objective of Pyramid design. The design architecture shown that the whole structure pointing to the different constellations. For example: The star shaft of King’s Chamber inside Pyramid is pointed to Orion’s belt (see below diagram for reference). Orion the brightest stars in Earth’s sky. Orion’s stars lie at distances ranging from 243 to 1360 light years. The belt stars are members of the Orion OB1b association, along with many other stars in this region, and they travel together through space. Are there advanced civilization beings in the cosmos? Furthermore, the star shaft of the pyramid points to constellations. But what is the objective? Whether for communication or else?

Reference 1: The late Sumerian civilization expert (Zecharia Sitchin), his book “The 12th Planet”. Sitchin analysis the Sumerian Cuneiform. The Sumerian clay tablets described that the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture is the Anunnaki. 

Anunnaki was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. However this New Planet in our Solar System not been confirmed.

Reference 2: NASA using mathematics calculation speculate that there is a new planet in space. So called Planet-X. This discovery does not mean there is a new planet in our solar system. The existence of this distant world is only theoretical at this point and no direct observation of the object nicknamed “Planet 9” have been made.

About Star Shaft of Pyramid – my observation and analysis

Engineer Christopher Dunn proposes his idea regarding the function of the Queen’s Chamber in which the chemical Hydrochloric acid (HCl) found in the southern shaft was mixed with the northern shaft chemical hydrated Zinc Chloride (ZnCl2) to produce Hydrogen (H2) gas. Part of my analysis is base on his theory. OK, be my guest to read below details.

Overview of the architecture

The diagram shown below shown ancient Egyptian fill in chemical on both left and right side of the pyramid. In realty carrying bucket of chemical not enough to support this operations. As we know, the Great Pyramid height of 455.2 ft (138.7 m). The star shaft locate in the middle of the pyramid. So refill the chemical seems not easy.And therefore it has reason to believe they are made use of other method. Please be reminded that this procedure not covered in this article.

Step 1. In order to explore the secret function of King’s Chamber. The beginning phase of my imagination will following theory founded by Christopher Dunn. For more details, please refer to below diagram. The bottom of the right hand side of diagram shown a yellow color pipe. I thought the original design has a component was lost. The overall function of this facility mainly provide a hydrlic pump function. In this article, I do not provide analysis in this area.

Step 2 & 3: According to the step 2 and step 3 shown in diagram. The chemical reaction generate heat, explosion and hydrogen when two different encounter. In additional water keep run into Subterranean Chamber, so the air pressure inside Queen’s Chamber Growth.As a result heat, explosion and hydrogen will be migrated to Grand Gallery.

Step 4: The phenomenon of this step not similar to engineer Christopher Dunn concept. Refer to below diagram, my comment is that Grand Gallery major function similar as silencer function. Apart from that it has feature which reduce the destructive vibration inside the pyramid. The Grand Gallery design in slope shape goal to reduce the possibilities to damage during chemical explosion. It was because the chemical will stay in Queens’s and low level part of Grand Gallery. Since hot air pressure will be raise up and such a way let high air pressure go to King’s Chamber. The constructed material of King’s and Queen’s chamber consists of granite. The ingredient of granite contains high density of Quartz.The chemical reaction let the internal air pressure raised. Thus huge volume of air pressure press towards to the granite. So it triggered the piezoelectric effect.

Step 5: 1935, researchers predicted that under certain high-pressure conditions, hydrogen could take on metallic properties.

The piezoelectric effect occurs through compression of a piezoelectric material. Quartz is one of the piezoelectric material. The method is placed the Quartz between the two metal plates. Under the circumstance of king’s chamber.

High pressure press towards the granite surface.The opposite side of quartz embedded in granite equivalent a electricity grounding because granite is a very good conductor of electricity. Therefore it reproduce electricity. Conceptual theory displayed as below:

Step 6: Since the whole King’s Chamber of cavity contains of hydrogen. The surface of granite covered positive electric load. Since it is a non electron equilibrium energy distribution environment. It such a way obtaining coherent microwave radiation from crystals and gases. The microwave beam will be emitted by start shaft. In additional of the star shaft points to Orion constellation. So we can go to final step. That is find out the function of pyramid. Before provide the final details of my idea. Let do a quick review of quantum entanglement.

What is quantum entanglement? A large particle quickly decays into two small particles and flies away in two opposite directions at the speed of light. When one of the particles is disturbed alone, the other particle will instantly sense at the same time, even though the two particles move away at twice the speed of light. This phenomenon that is several times faster than the speed of light is called “quantum entanglement.”

Only quantum entanglement can open the wormhole.

Time travel to the past is theoretically possible in certain general relativity spacetime geometries that permit traveling faster than the speed of light, such as traversable wormhole.

Quantum is a collective term! Photons, electrons, quarks, and neutrinos can all be said to be quantum. There is no concept of speed in quantum mechanics! Because there is no speed operator, there is no speed eigenstate and speed eigenvalue.

Highlight (QE) : Because the electronic transition is actually an entangled system formed by electrons and other particles, changing the energy state of other particles can change the energy state of the electron. The entanglement system’s “ghost-like over-distance action” has an infinite speed of action and does not require time.

The long story describe above. We found the key elements inside King’s Chamber are Hydrogen and Microwave. Refer to the following element characteristics:

A Hydrogen atom consists of a proton and an electron which are “bound” together – the proton (positive charge) and electron (negative charge) stay together and continually interact with each other.

Phonons at GHz frequencies can pass through materials that are opaque to photons, the particles that carry light.

Remark: Phonons are particles of sound or heat.

Therefore, we can apply concept and make the thing happen. Re-use theory of statement (Highlight QE) above.The electronic transition is actually an entangled system formed by electrons and other particles, changing the energy state of other particles can change the energy state of the electron. The entanglement system’s “ghost-like over-distance action” has an infinite speed of action and does not require time. So “ghost-like over-distance action” had appear. Make the dream come true. Perhaps we can tell Albert Einstein!

So, if the advanced civilization people or the people who build pyramid. He put a Hadron Collider to create a black-hole. So they can do a time travel. My comment is that the stone coffin installed in King’s Chamber is not a coffin. It is the stand of a machine. Perhaps it is a Hadron Collider.

Reference: Can Large Hadron Collider cause black hole? First of all, yes, it is true that the LHC might create microscopic black holes. … To date, the collider still has not produced any collisions, and it is the extreme energy of those collisions — up to 14 tera-electron volts — that could potentially create a microscopic black hole.

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